How to Purchase Cultured Gemstone Jewelry

How to request a quote
We are currently building our cultured gemstone jewelry section, but in the meantime, if there is a particular style you are interested in purchasing, please send us the following details and we would be happy to quote pricing:

- Model number
- Center stone size and shape
- Type of cultured gemstone
- Metal type

How the price is calculated
The price is calculated as follows:

Let's say you are interested in eng670a, for example, in 14k white gold with an 8mm kashmir blue sapphire center stone. The price of eng670a in 14k white gold with an 8mm round Moissanite is $1390. The price of the loose 8mm round Moissanite is $610, and the price of 8mm blue Kashmir sapphire is $195.

Take the price of the finished Moissanite ring ($1390), subtract the price of the 8mm round Moissanite ($610), and then finally add the price of the sapphire ($195).

$1390 - $610 + $195 = $975 is the final price in 14k white gold with an 8mm Kashmir blue sapphire center stone.
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