Forever Brilliant Moissanite - How to Order


What is Forever Brilliant Moissanite?
Forever Brilliant Moissanite is one of the premium brands of Moissanite from Charles & Colvard. For those seeking the look of rare beauty at an affordable cost, Forever Brilliant Moissanite delivers more dazzle for your dollar than any of the other popular gemstone out there. Forever Brilliant Moissanite is ideal for anyone who wants a stone with superior visual appeal that out sparkles and outshines all the rest. Regular Moissanite vs Forever Brilliant Moissanite

"Forever Brilliant" Moissanites are sold at a ~$75 per carat upgrade compared to regular Moissanites.
To purchase loose "Forever Brilliant" Moissanite gemstones, please follow this link
  1. Add the jewelry item to your shopping cart (i.e. ring) with the desired options selected including the size and shape of the Moissanite center stone.*
  2. Add the corresponding Forever Brilliant upgrade(s) to your shopping cart via the links below.
    ** Because sale items are already made, the stones cannot be upgraded
Follow this link for additional info on how to order FB Moissanite jewelry.

Forever Brilliant Moissanite Rings
When it comes to choosing an engagement ring, every woman wants a ring with standout sparkle. Propose with a Forever Brilliant Moissanite Ring or give her a gift that glitters like no other gemstone on earth, because no other stone compares to the fiery sparkle of Forever Brilliant Moissanite. Forever Brilliant Moissanite Rings are designed to showcase the stones superior sparkle, visually surpassing both diamonds and gemstones. Moissanite Rings have more brilliance and fire than that of a diamond, and are far more affordable. So you can get more sparkle for every cent you spend and she'll have a ring that outshines all others.
The Craftsmanship Behind Forever Brilliant Moissanite
Our world class Forever Brilliant Moissanite stones are made using a patented thermal process that results in a stone with sparkle that is superior to any other gemstone. Forever Brilliant Moissanite has 2.4 times the fire of a diamond and far more brilliance, and is second only in hardness to a diamond. Forever Brilliant Moissanite stones are also near colorless stones, meaning the sparkle is much greater than that of a diamond or any other gemstone. So not only does Forever Brilliant Moissanite offer more beauty at an affordable cost, but also durability that will ensure your enjoy a lifetime of unsurpassed sparkle.
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