Hearts & Arrows Moissanite

We are pleased to introduce our new line of colorless Hearts & Arrows Moissanite. These beautiful Moissanites grade D-F on the GIA diamond color scale, VS+ clarity, are cut with a hearts and arrows diamond like pattern, and come with a full gemstone lab certification.

We are introducing them at the same price as the Forever One Moissanite, plus $100 due to the cost of the 3rd party gem lab certification. Click here to see an example.

How to purchase a loose stone
To purchase a H&A Moissanite loose stone or check stock availability, please follow this link to the loose stone section.

How to purchase set in jewelry
Since we are offering the H&A colorless Moissanites at the same price as the Forever One the only price for the substitution is $100 for the lab certification for 6mm - 9mm round stones.

To upgrade please add this item to your shopping cart with the Forever One jewelry item.

Please email if you need further assistance or clarification. If adding the cert is confusing, you can include request to change to the H&A in the "Special Instructions" box during checkout, and we will modify the order once placed. We will eventually be adding the H&A Moissanites as regular options on the website.

Please note:
- Sale items can't be changed
- If stud earrings or other item with two stones or more stones, more than one cert needs to be added
- It is subject to stock availability


Frequently asked questions

"How is the H&A cut different than the Charles & Colvard round brilliant? Is it better?"

The C&C Forever One round brilliant is cut to maximize the fire and brilliance in the stone. The H&A cut is faceted like a diamond. Please follow this link to view a comprehensive analysis of several Moissanite stones.

"Are the H&A Moissanites made by Charles & Colvard? Do they come with a C&C warranty?"

The H&A cut Moissanites are made of the same type of colorless Moissanite crystal as the Forever One Moissanite (4H silicon carbide), but they are not cut by C&C.

We are offering the same warranty as C&C against the loss of optical properties. However our warranty is more comprehensive in the sense that it will partially cover damage to the stone (chipping, scratching, etc.)

"Who lab grades the H&A Moissanites and provides the certification?"

H&A Moissanite stone analysis and certification is provided by Imagem Inc: a creator of state of the art diamond grading equipment. The use of computers and Imagem's patented technology to grade diamonds reduces the chance of human error and bias and makes super human precision possible.

The Imagem light behavior analysis (brilliance, scintillation, intensity) is an actual measurement of the light performance of the gem. Its not an estimate based on calculations or computer simulation like other diamond certifications.

"Are the H&A Moissanites cut to ideal diamond proportions?"

The cut has been modified to maximize the fire and brilliance of the Moissanite stone while still maintaining an overall diamond like cut.

"Will you have additional sizes available?"

In the colorless H&A the largest size we currently offer is a 9mm, but we have near colorless (H/I) hearts & arrows Moissanite as large as 12.5mm available.

Additional Videos
In response to customer requests we have made the following amateur videos (to show the stone in various lighting environments)

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