Additional Moissanite Readings

Synthetic Moissanite: A New Man-Made Jewel

Synthetic moissanite (silicon carbide, SiC) is a new man-made gemstone material developed by Charles and Colvard, of Morrisville, USA. It provides exceptionally attractive and durable jewels, being second in hardness to diamond but not having diamond’s pronounced cleavage. Read Full Article

Synthetic Moissanite: A New Diamond Substitute

A new diamond imitation, synthetic moissanite (silicon carbide), is now being produced by C3 Inc. in near-colorless form for jewelry purposes. With refractive indices of 2.648 and 2.691, a dispersion of 0.104, a hardness of 9¼ on the Mohs scale, and a specific gravity of 3.22, synthetic moissanite is much closer to diamond in overall appearance and heft than any previous diamond imitation. Read Full Article

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