Moissanite Cuts & Shapes

Moissanite is Cut To Maximize Fire & Brilliance

What is Moissanite? Unlike diamonds which are most commonly cut to maximize carat weight, Moissanite gemstones are cut and faceted to maximize the superior fire and brilliance of the gemstone. The ideal Moissanite cut patterns were established after years of studying the angles of light refraction through Moissanite. The Moissanite gems are faceted to take full advantage of the crystal's inherent superior fire and brilliance.

The Process

Moissanite begins as a raw crystal form. Each crystal is first evaluated for quality, color, and clarity. Only the crystals that meet the highest quality standards are allowed to be cut and faceted. After the initial quality evaluation, a team of C&C experts determine what shapes and sizes of Moissanite gemstones will be cut from the crystals.

The crystals are then routed to a team of 18 cutters, technical experts, and faceters; each of whom plays a role in bringing the gemstone to its ideal display of brilliance. Along each stage of this involved 18-step process, from crystal evaluation to faceting the finished gemstone, experts evaluate Moissanite against strict quality standards and specifications. The last step is final grading for color, cut, and clarity. Only the most desirable gemstones that meet C&C's standards are chosen to be sold.

Moissanite Shapes

Round Brilliant

Moissanite Round Brilliant


Moissanite Cushion


Moissanite Oval


Moissanite Emerald


Moissanite Radiant

Square Brilliant

Moissanite Square Brilliant


Moissanite Heart


Moissanite Trillion