Conflict-Free Lab Diamonds

At MoissaniteCo, we offer many engagement rings with both Moissanite and lab-grown diamond side stones. Our round brilliant synthetic lab-grown diamonds are made of 100% pure carbon. They have the identical composition, optical and physical properties as mined diamonds, but having been grown in a controlled environment to guarantee that they are 100% conflict free.

As lab diamonds have become more universally available, we have moved to selling only round brilliant cut lab diamonds (true synthetic 100% carbon diamonds). The reasons are:

  1. Better quality: each stone is beautifully cut, colorless and exceptionally high clarity
  2. More durable: since lab-grown diamonds are grown in a controlled environment, the diamond crystal is purer than most natural diamonds, and as a result, they are much tougher and more durable.
  3. More social and environmentally friendly: the abuses and ugly history of the diamond trade have become well known in the last few years. While diamond dealers attempt to give consumers peace of mind by not offering “conflict diamonds”, in reality, the definition of “conflict diamonds” is quite limited by design. It doesn’t take into account human rights abuses, environmental degradation, or safe labor practices.

In the end, ask yourself: do you want the best quality, most beautiful and most durable diamond side stones available, or is it more important that it is dug out of the ground? Is being dug out of the ground really an advantage? We don't think so.