Types of Earring Posts & Backs

Friction (Push) Backs

Friction backs are the most common backs for stud earrings. A butterfly shaped metal disk (often called a push back) applies tension to the post going through the ear. The friction backs tend to be fairly easy to apply and remove.

We offer medium earring backs for stud earrings up to 1.5ct total weight, and large "butterfly" backs for the 2ct total weight and larger stud earrings.

Threaded (Screw) Backs

Threaded or screw backs act like the nuts used to secure bolts. They are turned onto the post going through the ear which is threaded like a screw.

For some women they can be a little more difficult to put on than the push posts due to their small size and the way they have to be screwed onto the post. Threaded posts tend to be a little thicker than friction or locking posts.

Locking (Protektor) backs

The locking backs (also known as "post and clutch backs", "La Pousse", or "spring clutch") have a spring loaded mechanism that must be squeezed to apply or remove. Several notched grooves on the posts keep the locking back from slipping off without pressure being applied.

This style post and earring back are the most secure but they are more expensive than the friction and threaded earring backs.