Hearts & Arrows Moissanite

We are thrilled to introduce the latest member of the Forever One Moissanite line of gems: the round brilliant Hearts & Arrows cut Moissanite. This exceptional gemstone is meticulously cut to ideal proportions, exhibiting unparalleled optical symmetry, polish, and a specific faceting pattern. The result is a stunning 8-arrow symmetrical pattern when viewed from the top and eight symmetrical hearts when viewed from the bottom.

C&C has long been a leader in perfecting the color and clarity of Moissanite with the introduction of the Forever One Moissanite. The Hearts & Arrows Moissanite represents the next step in the evolution of C&C Moissanite - the achievement of perfection in the round brilliant cut.


We are currently provide our customers with the option to purchase the Forever One H&A Moissanites in two different color grades: colorless (D-F) and near-colorless (G-H). These exceptional gemstones display a stunning white color when set in jewelry, with the colorless grade exhibiting a particularly "icy" appearance. We are excited to offer these exquisite gemstones to our discerning clientele.

Sizes available

The Forever One H&A Moissanites are presently available in sizes ranging from 0.10ct (3mm) to 6.0ct (12mm). While we may consider adding larger or smaller sizes in the future, we do not have any estimated timelines for their availability at this time.

Round H&A vs Standard C&C Round Brilliant

C&C has made the decision to discontinue the standard C&C round cut as the round brilliant hearts & arrows cut is now available in all round sizes, from 0.10ct and larger. The standard C&C round cut was originally designed for the classic Moissanite (which has since been discontinued) in order to maximize the optical properties of the gemstone while minimizing its inherent yellow color. However, with the introduction of the Forever One Moissanite, which is colorless, the need to minimize the color of the gemstone is no longer necessary. In C&C's experience and opinion, the H&A cut maximizes the sparkle of the gemstone in both direct and indirect lighting, has better contrast, a more beautiful overall faceting pattern, and overall is simply a more attractive gemstone. While some competitors may still offer the standard round brilliant cut, C&C has chosen to only carry the H&A cut as they believe it to be the superior option.