MoissaniteCo Brand

We introduced our MoissaniteCo brand in 2017 as a less expensive alternative. We offer it for those customers who demand high quality, excellent cut stones, but don’t necessarily need the name brand. They are made of the same type of Moissanite as the Forever One brand. In our opinion they are the best alternative to Forever One Moissanites on the market. While a distinguishing eye may pinpoint small differences, we have found many of our customers don't see the difference because the two are so similar. MoissaniteCo brand Moissanites are also colorless, excellent cut, with near flawless clarity.

Since the expiration of the Moissanite patent in 2015, a number of new manufacturers have come on the scene, but after vigorous testing, nearly all fall short of our standards of high quality, affordable pricing, and production capacity to meet our customers' demands.

After partnering and laboring with our new source over the past year to improve the quality, we are pleased to make these new gems available.

Since its inception in 2005, MoissaniteCo's overarching mission has been to offer the largest selection of high-quality Moissanite jewelry, made with the only the best quality Moissanite available, and at the most affordable prices. Introducing these Moissanite gems is a natural continuation of our mission.


Is MoissaniteCo going to still offer the Forever One Moissanite? The new Moissanite is made of the same type of Moissanite crystal as the Forever One brand (called 4H Silicon Carbide). We are lovers of the Forever One Moissanite and continue to proudly offer it. Our new brand is simply a lower cost alternative for those customers who demand high quality but don't necessarily need a name brand.

What is the new brand called? We have yet to decide whether or not we will give it a fancy new brand name. For now, we are calling it simply MoissaniteCo brand.

What is the quality? The MoissaniteCo brand is colorless (E-F color), visually flawless clarity (VVS+), and the cut and polish is excellent.

What is the warranty? We are offering the same warranty as Charles & Colvard does on the Forever One Moissanite, including warrantying larger stones (5mm and larger) against damage, although there may be a partial replacement fee in the case of damage.

Forever One vs MoissaniteCo Brand Comparison Videos Below are a few comparison videos of the F1 Moissanite vs MC Brand Moissanites.

MC Round Brilliant (top) vs F1 Hearts and Arrows (bottom)

MC Round Brilliant (top) vs F1 Hearts and Arrows (bottom)

MC Cushion (top) vs F1 Cushion (bottom)

MC Oval (top) vs F1 Oval (bottom)

MC Radiant (top) vs F1 Radiant (bottom)