Does Moissanite have too much fire and brilliance?

Because of Moissanites superior and extraordinary fire and brilliance, from time to time customers will ask, "Is it too much?"

The beauty of highly refractive gemstones such as Moissanite and diamond is found in their characteristic "sparkle" (fire, brilliance and luster). Remove the sparkle from a diamond, and what is left is essentially a lifeless piece of glass. In our experience and the experience of our customers, when casual observers take notice of their Moissanite gemstones, they gasp and exclaim, "Wow, that is an amazing diamond!" but never: "It is beautiful but has too much sparkle. I would prefer the gemstone to appear more lifeless!"

Unfortunately, there are purveyors of CZ jewelry such as Diamond Nexus who try to put a negative spin on the optical properties of Moissanite, saying it exhibits a "disco ball effect." It is simply an attempt to spin as negative the extraordinary optical properties of Moissanite, which compared to their ordinary CZ gems, is optically superior in every way. In the end, the average person is not a walking refractometer that can measure and quantify the fire and brilliance of a gemstone with their naked eye to determine the "correct" amount. However, they will notice when a gemstone appears brilliant and fiery such as a Moissanite, or when a gem appears dull and lifeless as in the case of a cloudy cubic zirconia or a poorly cut/included diamond.