Forever One vs MoissaniteCo Moissanite

MoissaniteCo proudly offers two brands of Moissanite:

  1. Forever One: Forever One is Charles & Colvard's premium brand Moissanite. They are hand cut to excellent standards and made from the finest Moissanite rough available.
  2. MoissaniteCo: MoissaniteCo brand Moissanites are designed to be a lower cost alternative to the Forever One Moissanite. They are made from the same type of Moissanite crystal as Forever One Moissanites and are very well cut. While a distinguishing eye may pinpoint small differences, to the casual observer the MC brand Moissanites look very similar to the Forever One brand.

Forever One Moissanite MoissaniteCo Moissanite
Composition 4H Silicon Carbide 4H Silicon Carbide
R.I. (Brilliance) 2.71 2.71
Fire (dispersion) 0.104 0.104
Luster 20.40% 20.40%
Hardness 9.25 - 9.5 9.25 - 9.5
Toughness Excellent Excellent
Color D-H F/G
Clarity VS - VVS VS - VVS
Quality of Cut Excellent Excellent
Attraction to Dirt/Oil Low Low
Heat Resistance Very High Very High