Hearts & Arrows Moissanite

At long last we are excited to introduce the latest member of the Forever One Moissanite line of gems: the round brilliant Hearts & Arrows cut Moissanite. The Hearts and Arrows Moissanites are cut to ideal proportions with superior optical symmetry, polish and a specific faceting pattern. When all these factors are in harmony the result is a beautiful 8-arrow symmetrical pattern in the face up position and eight symmetrical hearts when viewed in the table down position.

C&C previously perfected the color and clarity of Moissanite with the introduction of the Forever One Moissanite. The H&A is one more step forward in the evolution of C&C Moissanite: the perfection of the round brilliant cut.

We currently are offering the Forever one H&A Moissanites in two color grades: colorless (D-F) and near-colorless (G-H). Both face up a beautiful white color when set in jewelry, and the difference is that the colorless appear more "icy" in comparison.

Sizes available
The F1 H&A Moissanites are currently offer from 0.50ct (5mm) to 5.0ct (11mm). Larger or smaller sizes may be added in the future, but as of now, we are unable to provide an estimate as to when that may be.


Frequently asked questions

How do they compare to the certified H&A Moissanites?

Since August of last year we have been offering certified colorless H&A Moissanites. Naturally our customers have asked, what is the difference? These are the same high quality except they are created and backed by Charles & Colvard. Our source for the H&A Moissanites wasn't able to create them on a large enough scale for us to replace and upgrade all of the round brilliant cut Moissanites we sell which has been our goal all along.

How do they compare to the other Moissanite brands?

Although we are loyal sellers of Charles & Colvard Moissanite (12 years strong), we do not blindly follow C&C. We pride ourselves in being leaders in the Moissanite jewelry industry, and we keep our ears to the ground. We are very much aware of the other small brands of Moissanite that have been popping up (i.e. Neo, Supernova, Haro, etc.). We have sampled gems from the same Chinese sources from where they came, and we can assure you that in our opinion, they are lacking in either polish, cut, color, consistency, and/or all of the above.

The reason we keep coming back to Charles & Colvard is because: 1) the Moissanite crystal is simply the best: made by CREE, a multiple billion dollar leader in silicon carbide creation, and 2) they have 20 years experience in cutting and polishing Moissanite stones. Granted the consistency of the cut is the one area we have always felt can be improved, and this is solved with the creation of the hearts & arrows Forever One Moissanites.

"How is the H&A cut different than the Charles & Colvard round brilliant? "

The hearts and arrows cut is faceted like an ideal cut diamond and is more diamond like in appearance and sparkle.

Loose Stones
To purchase a Forever One H&A Moissanite loose stone, please visit our Forever One loose stone page.

We also have certified hearts & arrows Moissanites available which can be found here.

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