Forever One Moissanite Rings and Jewelry

Forever One Moissanite is pleased to introduce Charles & Colvard's newest premium line of Moissanite gemstones: Forever One.

Forever One captures all of the same amazing properties as classic Moissanite but is now available, for the first time, as a colorless gem, grading D, E, and F on the GIA diamond color scale.

Forever One Moissanite should not be confused with diamond simulants that attempt to mimic the look of a diamond. Forever One Moissanite is truly a diamond replacement as it surpasses a diamond in brilliance, fire, toughness and luster.

Forever One MoissaniteForever Brilliant MoissaniteClassic Moissanite
R.I. (Brilliance)2.712.692.69
Fire (dispersion)0.1040.1040.104
Hardness9.25 - 9.59.25 - 9.59.25 - 9.5
(All shapes: D, E, F)
Near Colorless to Faint
J - K
Round: J/K
Fancy cuts: K, L, M *
* varies based on shape
ClarityVS averageVS averageVS average
Quality of CutExcellentExcellentExcellent
Attraction to Dirt/OilLowLowLow
Heat ResistanceVery HighVery HighVery High

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