Colorless Moissanite Comparison

With the expiration of the Moissanite patent in the fall of 2015, new brands of Moissanite have become available. We understand that the new options can be confusing for consumers given how new and generally unknown Moissanite properties are. We provide the following comparison to help our customers make an educated decision.

The Moissanites listed in the graphic above: Forever OneŽ, Amora GemŽ, Neo MoissaniteŽ and our new H&A cut are all made of the newest type of Moissanite crystal whose scientific name is 4H silicon carbide.

Because the stones are all made of 4H Silicon Carbide, the following properties are consistent across all stone:
Refractive Index (Brilliance): 2.71
Fire (Dispersion): 0.104
Hardness: 9.25 - 9.5
Toughness: Excellence
Gem Analysis by Imagem Inc
Several stones from each Moissanite brand were independently analyzed by Imagem Inc: a creator of state of the art diamond grading equipment. The use of computers and Imagem's patented technology to grade diamonds reduces the chance of human error and bias, makes super human precision possible, and provides a useful basis for doing side by side comparisons.

It is important to note that the Imagem light behavior analysis (brilliance, scintillation, intensity) is an actual measurement of the light performance of the gem. Its not an estimate based on calculations or computer simulation.

Summary of Results
MC.com H&A Forever OneŽ Amora GemŽ NeoŽ
Brilliance1 Very Good Excellent Good - Very Good Very Good
Sparkle2 Very Good Excellent Good - Very Good Excellent
Intensity (contrast)3 Excellent Excellent Poor - Fair Excellent
Color D-F D- F F, G - H
** stones were graded D, E, D, F, F on AG cert
Clarity VS - VVS VS - VVS VS - VVS VS - VVS
Polish Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Overall Symmetry Excellent - Excellent+ Excellent Excellent - Excellent+ Very Good - Excellent
To view the Imagem certs of the individual stones analyzed, please click here
Imagem definitions:
1Brilliance: the measure of total light return out the top of the stone
2Scintillation: a measurement of the total number of sparkles and flashes of light
3Intensity: a measurement of contrast. Diamonds with low contrast can appear hazy, when viewed in low lighting, as they have a lower amount of contrast from light and dark areas of the stone.

How do the Hearts & Arrows compare to the Forever One Moissanite?
The Forever One cut is designed to maximize the brilliance and sparkle of a Moissanite as made evident by Imagem analysis above. The downside for a small % of customers is that the cut is a little different than a traditional diamond cut.

The new diamond cut hearts and arrows Moissanite is a beautiful alternative to the Forever One Moissanite for those customers would like a more diamond like cut, even if it does have slightly less brilliance.

Below are videos of each for you to compare
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