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Another stunning, absolutely GORGEOUS eternity ring, the latest in the series of "from me, to me" treasures! This is my favorite one of all, because it's made with F1 stones, and is nothing short of just AWESOME! Again, another perfect piece of jewelry, MoissaniteCO! Nothing but thanks!!
Sherri G
Monday 16 January, 2017
Hi dear My name is Marie and I am french. I have no word enought strong to say how I am so happy of the quality of my ring. It is so beautiful. It s exactly what I wanted. I am so so enjoy!!! Moissaniteco team thank you! Thank you! I will re order very soon. Trust me. Bye bye!!!
Monday 16 January, 2017
Still in Love
My fiance and I did a custom engagement ring with Moissanite Co. and I'm not sure how to put into words just how much I love my ring. I gave my fiance a picture of the style of ring I wanted and he changed just minor things to make it his own. The process was fast and I truly believe going custom was the best option for us as I did not want a solitaire or the popular halo engagement ring. When he proposed and I finally could see the ring with my own eyes I was in love. It's been 10 months and my ring is still unbelievably gorgeous and flawless. I still find myself in awe of it. I seriously love love love it. The rose gold they use is also a really pretty rose gold, not to pink and not too gold. If you're questioning whether to go with moissanite, don't even think twice. It is amazing and in my opinion better than a diamond (ethically and price-wise).. Moissanite Co. really is the best and I am most likely going to have them make me a wedding band as well!
K. McCormick
Friday 13 January, 2017
Just received my rings - they look brand new!!! My husband purchased my engagement ring and subsequent bands from Moissanite Co. They were beautiful and exactly what I had always dreamed of. During the holidays, my center stone was lost. I was devastated. I reached out to Moissanite Co. and Chris walked me thru getting my stone replaced and getting my bands cleaned. So helpful and answered all my questions, right down to how I should return them. My rings came yesterday and look brand new! The new center stone is beautiful I could not be happier!
Friday 13 January, 2017
Amazing as always!
I've purchased several rings and a few loose stones. From answering ordering questions, to packaging, to their impeccable finished product, Moissanite Co. is the best. I can't stop staring at my cultured Ruby and moissanite ring. I'll be a lifelong customer.
Amy Gutsmiedl
Thursday 12 January, 2017
~ Happy Birthday to me ~
I am turning 50 this month (50! doesn't that sound old?!) and my hubby said I could get whatever I want for my gift. I have literally been all over the place asking Chris numerous questions about numerous rings and he has answered every email promptly, professionally, and kindly. He will be so glad that I am done shopping and I will finally leave him alone! I got my dream ring -- a good sized emerald cut solitaire -- and I am thrilled, thrilled, THRILLED!
Monday 09 January, 2017
Happy Customer
My Fiancé proposed without a ring which allowed me to pick out my ring. We were looking for a diamond alternative and were doing our research when we stumbled upon MoissaniteCo. I look through their website and instagram page and made a list of rings I liked. I then sent Chris a million questions via email. He was very professional and answered all my questions promptly. We decided to go with a custom F1 oval wedding set with diamond side stones in 14k white gold. I was initially concerned about the thickness of my rings and almost changed my order less than a week before it shipped. Chris was able to advise me without putting any pressure on me and allowed me to make my own decision. I am so happy I listened to him because the rings came in the mail yesterday and they're perfect. I am absolutely in love with them. The pictures on their website/instagram page doesn't do them justice. MoissaniteCo took my vision to a whole new level. I'll definitely be making more purchases from MoissaniteCo in the near future. Thanks Chris, you're the best!!!!
Saturday 31 December, 2016
Beautiful Earrings
I had researched Moissanite for several years and watched as they continued to improve the color of the stones. I had even gone to a local jeweler to look at stones to maybe upgrade my diamond engagement ring. I never followed through and I couldn't commit. When I saw they came out with the Forever one I decided this would be the time to buy. I looked at several different Moissanite sources and found the best price here at MoissaniteCo. Told my husband I would like some earrings for Xmas and left it at that. Well the earrings didn't arrive in time for Xmas but my husband ordered them after the cut off. Look at the estimated production times because they are pretty true to their listed times. Received these in the mail today, they were beautifully packaged and gift ready. I love the martini setting very delicate and gorgeous. The stones are bright white and very sparkly. These are not diamonds though so don't expect them to be just like a diamond. I wanted them because we could never afford diamond earrings at this size with any good clarity so we went for Moissanite instead. Very glad we did! Thank you Chris who answered emails and dealt with my impatience! Overall very happy and would purchase again.
Thursday 29 December, 2016
So In Love
We purchased a loose stone; a 2 ct FB Hearts & Arrows that came in H color. We received it right before Thanksgiving. The stone is absolutely beautiful. You could only see a slight yellow tint when placed on a white sheet of paper, other than that, you do not notice the tint. The stone is placed in a white gold setting with G-H color diamonds in the setting. The ring is breathtaking and the diamonds and stone compliment each other nicely. We got engaged on Christmas Eve and she hasn't stopped looking at the ring. We are so happy that we decided to go with a Moissanite. The H&A cut is such a beautiful cut. Our jeweler told us that it was a beautiful stone and that it looks like a real diamond. He was shocked when we told him the price that we got the stone for. We will definitely keep Moissanite Co in mind for future purchases.
A & J
Tuesday 27 December, 2016
She Loves It!
I purchased model eng052-FB, as an engagement ring for my girlfriend. She fell in love with the ring instantly! It was so beautiful, and we both couldn't stop staring at it all day yesterday. It arrived in time for x-mas eve, and best of all it didn't leave a sinkhole in my bank account. :]
Anthony A
Sunday 25 December, 2016
I've purchased multiple pieces and have found them to be exceptional. I had one piece that I was unsure of and worked with Chris (who is amazing) to find something that I liked better. I would highly recommend to anyone!!
Angie - MI
Thursday 22 December, 2016
I just purchased the eng221-F1 with the H&A upgrade and my soon to be bride, LOVES IT... I get texts all day long saying how she is just staring at the ring, amazed by its sparkle and beauty. Says I also did a great job. It is very petite and she loves the band size for her hand. We went with a 6.5mm stone, size 4.5 and its perfect.
Lance Mingle
Monday 12 December, 2016
Stunning X3
I was a new customer to moissanite and so I was concerned because I was buying 3 rings. This is a 15 year wedding anniversary upgrade. Your customer service is stellar and all of my questions were answered completely and quickly, so I decided to buy 2 ann154b-F1 to flank my engagement ring and 1 eband005f-F1 as an addition. Buying diamond rings of this size in a quality to match my engagement ring would have meant tapping out the kids college funds or, in other words, not a financial possibility for us! I recieved my rings today and they are stunning! The gold is so much more substantial then I was expecting! They have a great weight to them. The stones are flawlessly phenomenal! Perfect and so much better then I could even have imagined. I am a customer for life now and can't wait to buy again. I'm so proud to be wearing stones that are economical, environmentally friendly, non conflict related and positively gorgeous!!! I wish there were more words that I could say then just THANK YOU for making my anniversary a beautiful one.... X 3!!!
Monday 12 December, 2016
Unbelievable stunning gorgeous
Words can not even describe the beauty of this ring. I purchased model WED348..I had first purchased a ring from DNL and it was not satisfactory. the stone looked cheap and had no shine just looked like a piece of glass. the ring i bought from here, MAGNIFICENT!!! I am so proud to wear this ring. i have received many compliments on this ring. as a matter of fact, while shopping for a necklace for my husband i went to 3 local jewelers to find something..all 3 jewelers complimented me on my beautiful..stunning..and gorgeous rings and stones. now none of them examined it under a loop as i didn't go in regards to this ring. however, to the naked eye these jewelers had no idea that it was moissanite n not diamonds. no one has any idea that it is not diamonds. now i am very proud of my moissanites and did not buy this to pass off as diamonds but no one has asked if it is real diamonds so why tell them any different. i did tell my sister and mom and they can not believe its not diamonds. my sister who was married before me wishes she had known about moissanites beacuase although she loves her rings..she would have liked bigger stones but they were not in the budget. she has .75 ct stone in the center and .5ct on the sides..her stones are vvs1's color d..i didn't get the forever one enhanced stones which was the upgrade back in 2012 when i purchased it. i just got the regular stones in 1ct and side stones smaller but not by much. in some lighting the stone does have a slight yellowish tinge...but i like that. part of the the reason i returned the DNL was soo colorless it just looked like a cheap piece of glass and i did not want to go down that road again. its 2016 4 yrs after my original purchase and my ring looks as good as the day i bought it. as a matter of fact, it hasn't even had to be re rhodium plated which surprised me as i have a more acidic body chemistry and most my rings in white gold need to be re rhodium plated annually. i am now in the market for a right and ring and you guessed it..i am back on this site to make another purchase. i am now looking at just the ring model ENG188-FB not the complete set but you best believe i am buying it here. it was nearly half the cost of DNL ring and way way better quality. thank you moissanite for making me the most beautiful rings that i could afford with out breaking the bank. there is no shame to me that its not diamonds. it is a gemstone that sparkles and shines with more fire and brilliance then the real diamonds i have seen. i can't fathom ever buying a real diamond again as long as this company exists..because by far they have the most selection of styles and price is on target to be affordable to anyone. i only wish i could add a photo on this site to show you how good this looks after 4 yrs daily wear i don't remove it to shower or wash my hands and litterally this cleans up so easily with just a little bit of dish soap warm water n a soft tooth brush to clean under the stones. or a deep clean just use hot water and a little bit of H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide 3% and let it soak till the water cools enough to pull em scrubbing needed at all.
Saturday 10 December, 2016
Loose Alexandrite wow!
I recently purchased the 6.5mm loose alexandrite and had it placed in my 18k WG and diamond halo ring. It is stunning! It's my birthstone and my husband is April/diamonds so my ring feels perfect now. My jeweler was amazed at the stone and the cost. He said it looked incredible thru his loop and would be valued at 6K if real. I love the purple to flashes of green and red. If I could upload photos I would. Thrilled!
Cate Kennedy
Friday 09 December, 2016
Great Customer Service
I bought my fiance's engagement ring through Mossanite co. and couldn't have been happier. A week out of warranty and she brings me the ring and the stone is really loose. I emailed customer service and they sent me out all of the info to send it back. We received it back very fast and it was in even better shape than when we sent it in. They fixed the stone and got out a few dings for us without asking! I will for sure be buying more jewelry here.
Thursday 08 December, 2016
Absolutely stunning!
I purchased some Forever One Leverback earrings for my partner for her birthday and just received them in the mail. They are absolutely stunning! This is the confirmation I needed to go ahead and get a Forever One engagement ring. So happy with the purchase, and the Mrs will be too!
Michael Fabian
Thursday 08 December, 2016
I bought my first pair of Forever Classic moissanite studs over the Thanksgiving holiday. They are sooo beautiful! I got more clarity, sparkle, and bigger stones for my money! I am happy with my purchase and I may buy more in the future.
Liz From Brooklyn
Monday 05 December, 2016
My husband wanted to upgrade my original 1.5 carat real diamond engagement ring. Knowing what I wanted and the carat size, I wanted perfection without the cost. Reviewing some of the negative comments online AFTER my order I was a little nervous. I'm happy to report I received my beautiful ring within 1.5 weeks. During that time I had email communication via email with Chris who was always prompt & fully answered my questions. Upon requesting a picture of my ring prior to receipt, he posted on Instagram without tagging me & private messaged to let me know the picture was posted. My mom is going to purchase a ring, & I'll be adding earings & a band...maybe more later :). Thank you!!!!!
Sunday 04 December, 2016
Custom Wedding Band
I received my custom 16 stone wedding band yesterday. Each stone is incredibly white, sparkly and beautiful!! It is EXACTLY what I wanted!!. I am completely amazed that all this was done so quickly with just a picture. And, thank you for allowing me to make changes as necessary. It was the right one. I also love how comfortable it is, since I am going to be wearing it everyday. Thanks so very much! You and your company are terrific, Chris!! I thank you for her patience and professionalism. I can't wait to return for another ring in the future.
Friday 02 December, 2016
OMG..... is the first thought when I saw this engagement ring. I got married in the 90's era, so gold was popular back then. when white gold became popular years ago, I had to have one. so I asked my husband for our 20th anniversary could I have a white gold..... and this year we just happen to come across this georgeous gem. I don't care that its not a real diamond, but it damn sure (pardon my French) :) looks like it. it is absolutely stunning. I cant stop looking at it. then I read the reviews on moissanite and was more impressed. so, ladies and gents. if you want a magnificent gem, and cant afford the real thing. this is absolutely the next best thing. I have gotten so many compliments from it. and no one suspects, and I never said any different :) I just could go on and on about my beautiful ring..... I wish there was a way to post a pic of it. anyway, go get a moissanite immediately.
Wednesday 30 November, 2016
Blown away!
I recently received my AMAZING engagement ring from my now fiance! We both picked it out together from your website. My fiance tells me you guys were very helpful and responsive to his emails, which is great! My ring is absolutely perfect! I have the eng-481c with a near-colorless emerald cut center. Charles and colvard recently dicontinued the forever brilliant emerald cuts and I was devastated, since I've been dreaming about them for a year, but MoissaniteCo stepped up to the plate and has some of their own near-colorless and colorless emerald cuts available now that are stunning! Needless to say, we are very happy with our purchase and I am looking to purchase my wedding band from MoissaniteCo in the future as well! Thank you so much for making my amazing ring!
Tuesday 29 November, 2016
Wow, this ring is absolutely beautiful!! I ordered eng010-F1 with a 1.5ct round center stone. The center stone is flawless and colorless, and shines so beautifully! MCO really does pick the best of the best when it comes to center stones. This was my first purchase but will NOT be my last! Thank You guys so much!
Monday 28 November, 2016
An absolute beautiful ring. Got my partner a solitaire 1.25kt F1 2mm comfort fit style ring. Just speechless on the beauty of it. Thank you Moissaniteco for the fast shipping and easy transaction. I had my doubts as i live in Australia and being such an important purchase online. Can not fault Moissaniteco. To anyone out there who are hesitant, honestly dont be. Buy that special gift for that special person. You wont be disappointed. Thank you Moissaniteco. Phil Australia
Phil aus
Monday 28 November, 2016
martini earrings
I have owned Moissanite rings since the beginning of the creation of the stone. Love them and do not see the settings anymore. When the martini earring setting came out I wondered if a large stone would really stay upright on the ear and not droop from the weight of the stone. I ordered a pair, total weight of 3 carats. To my surprise there is no drooping even though each earring weighs 1.5 carats. So I ordered a second pair for my daughter-in-law that are 2 carat total weight for Christmas. I love the extra large backs on the friction settings, easy to put on and stay secure.
Fontaine Boutwell
Sunday 27 November, 2016
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