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I just wanted you to know how thrilled my nephew is with the ring he purchased for his girlfriend. He was not expecting the quality but with some guideance we were able to get something that both he and his girlfriend love. Thank you for all your help. You guys did go above and beyond the call of duty to help us.
Cathy G
Saturday 26 May, 2018
I recently ordered an engagement ring from you guys and I guess I forgot to put a ring size on my order. I was thoroughly impressed with your customer service. They reached out to me quickly to add the ring size and then add overnight shipping. I would like to praise the customer service rep, Craig. He was extremely nice and helpful and quick in his response time. I have enjoyed your business and you will be my first recommendation for those looking to buy an engagement ring. I greatly appreciate everything, the ring looks beautiful and my fiancé and I are seriously impressed.
Tuesday 17 April, 2018
Absolutely stunning!
Moissanite & Co have exceeded my expectations in terms of my engagement ring! At first I was hesitant with ordering online, but after seeing their Youtube and Instagram videos, the choice was easy. All of the rings are made to order and their moissanites are handpicked for the best cut/clarity. You cannot beat the price for such exceptional jewelry! Thank you so much again!
Thursday 15 March, 2018
Love my engagement ring however was surprised wasn't the same wedding ring that was shown with the engagement ring combo. That being said i still am totally in love with my ring. I had asked it to be sent in 7 business days which they did even earlier. Again love the ring and customer service was excellent. Kelly
Kelly Price
Sunday 11 March, 2018
Exceeded my expectations
First I must say that the packaging and presentation of my moissanite ring was simply beautiful! But OMG...the ring...the ring is absolutely GORGEOUS!! The craftmanship and the quality of the moissanite stones far exceeded my expectations. The white gold ring is weighty and the cut & clarity of the stones is amazing!! I love anything that sparkles and I just can't believe the luster & "sparkle" of these stones!!! The color or your moissanite is pure white... no yellow and no cloudiness to the stones. Your moissanite is far superior than any I have encountered and the "sparkle" far outshines any of my diamonds! I will definitely be purchasing all of my "sparkles" from you!! Thank you for my beautiful ring!!!
Michele Baratta
Friday 09 March, 2018
Brilliant sparkles
I was very impressed when my camilla f-1 antique replica ring arrived ! Beautiful ring in a stunning setting , I love antique style jewelry and this ring is already my favorite , my husband and I looked at diamonds first ....this ring was my 25th wedding anniversary gift from him , I did?nt want to spend thousands so I started researching moissanite, I have a friend who?s had one for years and it was still as sparkley as the first day she got it , so we decided to start shopping for moissanite rings , I looked at every site that sold them but none had the vintage look I was hoping for ... til I found moissanite co , they had an entire collection of antique replica rings which made my decision even harder , but we found exactly what I was looking for , the customer service people were fantastic, I had a family emergency right around the time my ring was due , they held it back a day so I would be home to sign for it !
Melody G
Friday 02 March, 2018
Beautiful beyond words
First off, I want to say thank you to the whole team for making this gorgeous ring for us. We received the package today, and when we opened it; my breath was taken away! It’s beautiful beyond words. I have mined diamond, neo, white sapphire and so on. But this gem is one of the most amazing looking I move ever owned! Thank you to make such an perfect alternative stone for diamond! Love the custom design!!!!! This ring will be forever in my collection. Thank you Chris/ Crag / Nallely!
Friday 02 March, 2018
Thank you
Im sure you get updates like this all the time, but I asked and she said yes! We both love the ring--it is perfect and exactly what she was looking for. The whole reason writing this is to personally thank you for your help in making the ordering process so easy. You guys have this process nailed down--it was so easy and quick. We will definitely be ordering from you again in the future. Keep up the awesome work!!!
Monday 26 February, 2018
5 Star Service
Hello! I am so thrilled with my engagement ring and more important the service your company gave us in service and contact with us. Buying a ring online there is always this question, will it be the same in person. YES IT Was!! your photos were spot on. Since we were eloping and needed the ring sized and sent out, even with FED EX storms back east, the ring was delivered at the quoted Time. Thank you Nallely! You gave excellent customer service. xox Martha and Forrest Greenwood Temecula CA
Martha Scott
Monday 26 February, 2018
Now I am a believer
I was skeptical at first thinking my ring wouldn't be as sparkly or pretty as the ones you see on the website or YouTube and the anticipation for it's rival only made my skepticism worse, but when I opened that box for the first time and set my eye's upon it I simply lost my breath and had to regain myself. The ring is even more beautiful in person. Thank you very very much
Autumn Bradley
Friday 23 February, 2018
Excellent customer service
The customer service rep, Chris, went above and beyond to make the exchange process for my ring as easy as possible. He was helpful, cooperative and patient. I must've emailed him alost every day, and he always got back to me. Very reliable service. Plus, the new ring is perfect.
Friday 26 January, 2018
Received my one carat hearts and arrows solitaire in rose gold today. My love placed it on my finger and I am in love with him and my ring. I wanted moissanite for ethical reasons and I couldn't be happier with it.
Wednesday 24 January, 2018
Very Patient Service
I received very helpful and patient service from Chris and Craig. The engagement ring and matching wedding band fit perfectly and the rings appear to be very well made. The certified Hearts and Arrows colorless stone is beautiful to look at and very diamond-like in appearance. I have owned several diamonds in the past and will never purchase another another one, as the moissanite is so lovely, economical and best of all, does not harm the planet !
Tuesday 23 January, 2018
Blown away
Elizabeth is AMAZING!! I do not like not being able to call and speak to someone directly, but I will say that I was pretty impressed with the customer service on line. I ordered the 4-Prong Round Martini forever one Moissanite Stud Earrings, Model No: ear157-F1. I am blown away by the sparkle of the forever one stones. I have always had diamond studs, but decided to try the moissanite stones so that I could get bigger stones at an affordable price. After wearing the forever one stones I will NEVER GO BACK! Unfortunately, the martini studs were gauging my ear lobes. I have read where people have had this issue before, but I have always worn martini studs, so I did not think I would have an issue. I paid more and mailed the earrings back so that they could extend the posts in hopes that it would allow me to keep the setting I want with out the gauging issue. I do not like having to ship my product when ever I need something fixed. To be honest, I was a little worried about it. One of the staff members and I were not getting along so well. However, I got the package back, the earring posts had been extended and they were perfect. Unfortunately, they are still gauging my ear lobes though. With that being said, I still recommend these stones, just with a different setting. I like the martini settings the best because I feel like the stones sparkle best in martini settings. I also like the way they sit on my ear. I am trying to see what can be done so that I can get them set in a different post to stop my holes from gauging. I am sure that the stones are going to have endless sparkle in any setting I pick. They are so beautiful! I am love to shop jewelry. I have done a lot of research on stones and companies in my search to find the perfect piece. I am here to say these stones are perfect! This company has a down fall, they are on line only. However, this is how they have the best prices for the best pieces too. Trust me, I shopped around before deciding on this company. I have had some not so happy moments, but those were fixed immediately. Over all my experience was positive and the product is AMAZING!! Blown Away!! Shallen
Shallen Case
Friday 19 January, 2018
Better than I imagined
My wedding set is about 10 years old. It's a custom made engagement ring with a matching wedding band. We spent good money on the customizing that we decided to save a little by not getting a diamond in it right away. Instead, it came with a CZ...a very nice one! I took my ring in to get resized and cleaned and the CZ came back completely shattered! It was white (not clear) and bubbly on the inside. I was mortified. Hubby and I decided to look at getting a diamond added since it was time anyways. We were not impressed with what's out there. I felt like we were getting ripped off by "retail diamonds." So I started to look at other options. Somehow I found the moissanite and started to do a lot of research. Moissanite and Co has been really helpful in my decision to bite the bullet. For a fraction of the price, I purchased a half carat loose stone online. It arrived so fast! And as soon as I took it out of the box, it had a gorgeous twinkle that not even a diamond can do. Had the jewel put into my wedding ring and picked it up today and I'm in love all over again. I will always swear by the moissanite. The jeweler that put the jewel into my ring was also impressed and said my half carat jewel was the equivalent of a $5,000 diamond.
Sonia Stewart
Saturday 13 January, 2018
stunningly beautiful
WOW! My ring arrived yesterday. The Embrace Oval Forever One Moissanite Halo Engagement Ring, Model: eng256a-F1. It is the most beautiful, sparkly, "diamond" I have ever owned. It sits next to my very real diamond, very expensive diamond, SI diamond, which now looks dull compared to this ring. I couldn't be happier. GO MOISSANITE! No more blood on my hands for loving and owning blood diamonds.
Lynn Rawson
Thursday 11 January, 2018
Exceeded expectations
I just received my ring today and it is absolutely stunning. It far exceeded my expectations. Craig was extremely helpful and patient reponding to all of my emails. Service was amazingly quick. I couldn’t be happier!
Tuesday 09 January, 2018
My New Favorite!!
My wonderful husband gave me a lovely Moissanite 14K yellow gold eternity band for a combination anniversary/Christmas gift last month. I have a LOT of Moissanite rings--from small to large--I love each one of them--however--the ring I recently received is my new favorite!! As always, the stones are bright and shine beautifully--I am most impressed with the weight of my ring--the yellow gold is thick and weighty--I can tell the ring is made with quality--excellent for the price, which was on sale--definitely a great buy. I only buy my Moissanite from this company--I'm never disappointed. I know I will return again and again to Moissanite & Co!!!!
Bonnie S.
Wednesday 03 January, 2018
Beyond satisfied
I decided to go with a Moissanite instead of a Diamond for ethical reasons, not to mention Diamonds are kind of a scam. Anyway, I bought a one carat loose stone to replace what I already had in the engagement ring I have had for many years. When I took it to my jeweler he tested it with a tool to to see if it was a Diamond or something else. When he first did it on the side of the gem it showed it was a Moissanite, however when he did it again on the top of the gem it showed up as a Diamond, In fact he tested it numerous time like that and it continually came up as a Diamond. My jeweler was very impressed with the look and quality of the stone and said it was an excellent gem. I am so happy that I went with Moissanite instead of an overpriced Diamond, and that no blood was spilled in the mining or making of. Thanks for such a quality product, I'd recommend you highly.
Terri Van Fossen
Saturday 30 December, 2017
I have bought several large Moissanites before. Charles & Colvard quality has been as advertised. A-1. I have hand inspected moissanites from a half dozen other manufactures and the quality is not there. I HAVE NOT hans inspected the moissanites from MoissaniteCo. I will tell you this. I have watched every video and read every review from qualified sources comparing C&C and MoissaniteCo. stones. The stones hold up to C&C in comparison. I am going to purchase large earrings and possibly a men's ring in the near future. I am almost certain to try the MoissaniteCo. stones. The 3ct. DWE half bezel pendant I just purchased meets expectations. The Forever One Hearts and Arrows was cut very well. The color was on the higher end of the G-H-I range. Suggestion: On larger stones the GHI appears more diamond like. If you opt for the D-E-F it would be nice to pull up to the Valet in a hundred and fifty thousand dollar Porsch. The D-E-F are a bit too white for my taste in the larger sizes. The mounting for the pendant is well made and fits snugly on the stone. I opted to use a chain that was not offered from MoissyCo. The bail pass thru was more than adequate for the 1.5mm Snake Chain with lobster clasp. Customer Service: I had several questions and they were accurately addressed by knowledgeable staff. I did not get up-sale, fluff or short shrift. It was a pleasurable experience. I recommend using MoissianteCo. for a moissanite purchase. Cheers!
Friday 22 December, 2017
I received my ring a few days ago, and it is beautiful. It looks better than I could have imagined. My husband and I decided recently to give our son my original engagement ring so that he could use the diamonds (which are gorgeous) to have a ring made for his soon-to-be fiancé. The diamonds were in my mother-in-laws first set of wedding rings and are of excellent quality. I can’t tell the difference between the moissanite and the diamond, except that it has more splashes of colors in the light. I wanted a 1.25 carat stone without the exorbitant price of a diamond. I am so pleased with this purchase and the quality of the stone and setting.
Karen M.
Sunday 17 December, 2017
Gorgeous ring
So happy! After much back and forth with Katrina, I decided on the petite cathedral cushion cut in rose gold with an 8.5 mm forever one stone. I could not love it more. It arrived in half the expected time. It is gorgeous. Exactly what I hoped for. I wear it with my platinum and rose stack rings. Stunning. Katrina was very patient and responsive to all my questions. It’s hard to tell how the larger stones will look in the settings since there are no pics. Would be great if the site would generate pictures of selected stones in the settings you’re considering. But she helped me and I made the right choice. Highly recommend moissonite co. Will order stud earrings next.
Sunday 17 December, 2017
Fabulous Products and Customer Service
I’ve been meaning to write a review since I got engaged because the ring my fiancé chose is absolutely fabulous in every single way, and my fiancé said the ring was shipped out to him in no time!! I seriously get compliments on my ring daily! It is classy, and the sparkle always catches someone’s eye. I’m beyond happy that we chose to go with Forever One Moissanite for my engagement ring. Words of advice, if you’re on the fence about moissanite...go for It! You won’t regret It, it’s in my opinion, better than any diamond I’ve seen! And you honestly can’t beat the quality and craftsmanship of MoissaniteCo’s rings! Most recently, I had the pleasure of working with Craig and Chris to get my ring resized. After my finger was sized incorrectly by a local jeweler, Craig and Chris were both incredibly helpful in assisting with my ring resizing. I just got my ring back after resizing and the fit is absolutely perfect!! Thank You!!
Wednesday 13 December, 2017
So grateful!
This was actually the first purchase I've ever made online, so I had a lot of anxiety about every possible issue that could have arose! Fortunately though, I received the absolute best customer service care! They answered every one of my questions quickly and thoroughly. I received my ring yesterday and it absolutely exceeded my expectations! As someone who works with jewellery, I inspected my ring's every detail and am so impressed with the craftsmanship that went into it. I'm so grateful to the staff at moissaniteco for making this a positive experience and providing me with such a meaningful ring! I'll absolutely be recommending their services :)
Tuesday 12 December, 2017
satisfied everytime
I cannot say enough how I love to buy in this online shopping site because all my orders were great and I am so satisfied with the product, the price, the quality and top notch customers service. You cannot go wrong. WOW. Craig and Chris you guys are awesome. You are important and you make this company attracts customer.
Geraldine Gavrilovic
Monday 11 December, 2017
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